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Organizing Your Marketing


Do you handle your business’s marketing? It’s common with small businesses for employees to fill several roles at once, and unfortunately, marketing is one of those tasks that can fall by the wayside when other work demands attention. But never forget that marketing is a tool that drives more work to your company and is worthy of consistent effort! If social media isn’t something you naturally gravitate towards, it can be challenging to remember to make frequent posts, but that’s why we’re here! We’ve got some ideas on how to keep your marketing tasks organized and make sure you stay on top of this important business tool!

Why take the time to get organized?

We wanted to start with the why before diving into the how. Is it worth it to spend time organizing your marketing efforts and understanding what the metrics are telling you about your attempts? In our opinion, yes, absolutely, without a doubt! Marketing can sometimes be a silent partner, working steadily to keep your businesses up and running without your seeing all the behind-the-scenes efforts. But trust us, you feel it when you don’t put thought into it. Getting ready for a sale? Planning to drop a new product or service? Getting ready to publish your Asheville custom web design and ready to invite customers to visit? You need a marketing strategy to get there. No one will know about your great new website or amazing offer if they haven’t heard about it from you a few times over the course of the weeks leading up to the event. Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that this is truly necessary before we head on to our advice.

Start with a plan

If you don’t already have a consistent habit of creating marketing campaigns, you’d benefit from working with a marketing calendar. These are great tools to keep things organized and help you plan for the dates when you’ll want the most interaction with customers. On top of that, making a good plan, and knowing when you’ll need to post, you’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run. Instead of remembering last minute that you need to make an announcement and scrambling to put together copy that includes all the necessary details, having a plan ensures your post is already written well in advance (and perhaps, even scheduled so that it publishes without your lifting a finger).

While we’re on the topic…

Did someone mention scheduling? This is the internet’s gift to small businesses. Imagine scheduling a month’s worth of posts for your business in one day and then letting those apps do the work for you instead! Between planning out your posts with a marketing calendar and scheduling everything in advance, you can start setting aside a few days at the beginning of each month to make all of your content and then focus your energy elsewhere. Ready to start scheduling? We recommend using the Creative Studio Manager on Facebook, Twittimer for Twitter posts, and Hootsuite for Instagram.

Work with the data

Have you ever paid much attention to the insights from your social media sites? If you’ve made at least a few posts, these platforms will start collecting data and sharing this with you in order to improve your posting. This can help you pin down what type of customer is following you, when they’re more likely to interact with your content, and if your calls-to-action are working. (Wondering what a call-to-action is? We wrote a blog post about that recently that explains all!) Take advantage of these tools, and you’ll increase your responses and grow your audience!

Need a little help getting off the ground? Our marketing plans are designed to help companies that are ready to take their business to the next level with effective strategies. Reach out anytime to get started with us!