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Unleash a social media frenzy with our game-changing marketing plans, turning your brand into the ultimate digital sensation! Prepare to be the talk of the town (and Twitterverse)! Contact us to get your social media rocket fueled and ready to launch!

Don’t be one of those companies with social media accounts and fan pages out there stagnating! In order to enjoy the marketing benefits of social media, it’s important to post regularly and respond to your fans. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the time or expertise to handle the regular work that’s required to do it right. In addition, many employers don’t wish to give employees regular access to be spending time on social media for “work” that can easily sap your time if you’re not careful.

We Offer Full Management of Facebook, Twitter, and More!

  • SETUP INCLUDED - When a client signs up for social media management, we begin with the proper setup of your social media accounts at no additional charge.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF CONTENT TO POST - Then we actually come up with all of the content to post as your social media status updates by pulling tidbits from your website as well as other relevant content from the world wide web. Each week, we’ll send you a list of these little blurbs so that you can preview what’s posted before anything gets published. This means that we are doing all the work, but you still have full control.
  • POSTING STATUS UPDATES - After you’ve had time to review the intended posts, we’ll begin trickling them out on your social media accounts. We’ll monitor the accounts for likes and comments/questions. If any reply is required, we’ll handle that, too—either by posting answers we already know (such as your hours of operation), or by asking you how you’d like to respond.
  • GAINING NEW FANS - We’ll also campaign to find you new followers and fans.
  • REGULAR REPORTS - Each month, we’ll send you a report to indicate how your accounts are doing. This will allow you to see the increase in fans and followers and help determine the return on investment.
  • SEO INCLUDED – We have learned that social media posts can contribute to your overall page rank, so that can actually help you in search engines. Since social media marketing works very well with search engine optimization (SEO), we actually include the two services together in all of our marketing plans (with the exception of Plan 1 - The Simple Social Media Plan).

Ask about our discounts for animal rescue groups & other non-profits.

Custom web design & marketing firm, Griffin Web Design, offers a 10% discount off the website base price for every non-profit organization. Additional discounts may be available for animal rescue, animal rights, and vegan awareness and advocacy groups.

We strive to create an inclusive workplace and company culture to promote and value diversity. We are happy to partner with individuals and companies that are diverse in race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective. We're working to create a fairer, more socially-inclusive world for our employees, the communities we serve, and our clients.

Prices are in US Dollars. Rates & services are subject to change. Satisfaction guaranteed. View our Terms of Service for details.

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