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Professional Photography Services

Professional photos can make a world of difference in presenting your products or company image to the world. For design use (the look of the website as opposed to the content area), we automatically include a few professional, royalty-free stock images (if desired). However, sometimes you need more than that. Perhaps you need good images of your products (which may be shipped to us if you're out of travel distance), or you may wish to have professional photos of your office/facility, or the local region by our regular photographers or a trusted affiliate in your area.

At Griffin Web Design & Marketing, we offer professional photography services (photography and file prep/touch-up) for only $150 per hour. The amount of time you book should depend on your photography needs, but a general rule of thumb is to add about 50% of time for the file prep/touch-up (such as removing telephone lines) on to the actual studio or on-location time.

Have any questions about our photography or are ready to get started? Just give us a call at 1-877-WEB-0050.

This photo we took for the Pike County, Georgia government, is an example of our professional photography service. Hiring a professional photographer can really elevate the look of your website.

Ask about our discounts for animal rescue groups & other non-profits.

Custom web design & marketing firm, Griffin Web Design, offers a 10% discount off the website base price for every non-profit organization. Additional discounts may be available for animal rescue, animal rights, and vegan awareness and advocacy groups.

We strive to create an inclusive workplace and company culture to promote and value diversity. We are happy to partner with individuals and companies that are diverse in race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective. We're working to create a fairer, more socially-inclusive world for our employees, the communities we serve, and our clients.

Prices are in US Dollars. Rates & services are subject to change. Satisfaction guaranteed. View our Terms of Service for details.

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