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Understanding Your Business’ Value Proposition


Whether you’re thinking about your business’ own custom web design or ways to refine or upgrade your marketing strategies, you’ll want to consider the advantage of a strong value proposition. Griffin Web Design is here to help coach you through every step of the process to ensure a strong customer experience and copywriting that sells. We want you to succeed, and we know that a solid value proposition will be a great start on your journey to running a thriving business.

The first thing you’ll want to understand is what exactly a value proposition is, and what it is not. A value proposition is a simple statement (usually no more than two sentences) that clearly describes to your audience the benefits of working with you or buying your product, especially when compared to your competitors. A value proposition should not be difficult to understand, written in language that would not resonate with your target audience, or be a list of features to boast about. 

Rather, a great value proposition will effortlessly highlight the deep benefits of a company’s brand and culture that truly set them apart from the crowd. Your value proposition should be both memorable and unique, and it’s important to note that there isn’t a one size fits all structure to formatting one. 

Ask yourself, how will my products or services change my customer’s life? What does my company offer that others don’t? What are the deepest desires of my target audience? Oftentimes, people are buying an outcome more than they are buying a product or service; play on that desired outcome and make it seem possible by working with your business. 

Because the value proposition is so important, it should be in places of high traffic and impact. Oftentimes, you will find a value proposition on the homepage of a website. Other times, it can be appropriate to include them in a targeted ad, or even a promotional blog post. And it’s not uncommon for you to find it in more than one place; in fact, we would definitely recommend that it be in more than one place! 

In order for your value proposition to truly hit the mark, it should be both persuasive and engaging. Copywriters are trained in the art of marketing persuasion and are often experienced value proposition writers. 

While muling all of this over, it may be helpful to consider Griffin Web Design’s unique value proposition here:

Griffin Web Design brings a small, but mighty, team of eco- and socially-conscious website, design, and marketing professionals to exceed your business expectations and increase your company’s bottom line.

Here at Griffin Web Design, we have many trained personnel to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. We look forward to serving you for all of your value proposition and marketing needs!