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The Importance of a Good Website


Your website is perhaps one of the most important marketing tools in your entire business. That is simply because it is one of the few, if not the only, marketing strategies that works for you 24/7. You could be vacationing on some faraway island beach, watching your kid’s soccer game, or even catching up on some much needed zzz’s, and your website could be bringing you new business opportunities!

That is why it’s extremely important to put a lot of time and effort
into the creation of your website, as well as the copy (aka: the
very carefully crafted words) that you choose to have on your pages.

A lot of people think about organizing information about their goods or services when they think of what to put on their website. Essentially, they think about the features of their product or service rather than its benefit. However, a good website focuses more on how to sell these goods and services through carefully crafted language and design, more so than focusing on the features of the business.

That is because it is extremely likely that the consumer has dozens, if not hundreds, of other businesses to choose from when deciding on a product or service that they desire. This means that your business needs to stand out from the competition.

When considering optimal website design and copy, one should spend time examining the flow of the website, the aesthetics of the layout, and how quickly and effectively the words succeed at grabbing the attention of the reader and convincing them that they need your product or service.

When you can accomplish this, you’ll be in a position to turn customers away! Again, all while bingeing your favorite Netflix show from the couch.

So, not to sound biased, but we here at Griffin Web Design firmly believe that a website well done is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Reach out to us today for all of your custom web design needs!