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Five Holiday Marketing Hacks


As we head into one of the busiest times of year, with all of the holidays and celebrations to attend to, it’s important to remember what an incredible opportunity we have as business owners to capitalize on the spirit of each holiday.

When it comes to marketing, people want to feel like companies get them as people. Customers want to resonate with the personality and brand of the companies they are buying from, so it’s important not to let the opportunity of showing off your holiday cheer pass you by.

Appeal to Your Audience’s Emotions

Research shows that up to 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional. Since holidays tend to bring out more emotion in the average person (both good and bad), it can be the most optimal time to capitalize on emotion-driven marketing campaigns. Tugging on someone’s heart strings or finding a way to overcome their “pain points” with your product or service may just be the ticket you need to increase your sales and revenue.

Utilize Holiday Hashtags

It has also been found that social media traffic increases by about 73% during the holidays – this is huge! It’s important to pay extra attention to your social media accounts during the holiday season, and it can be super effective to utilize hashtags to widen your reach even further. Consider hashtags like #holidaysales and #holidaygifts, where many people will already be searching for your offerings.

Get Merry with Energetic Emails

People tend to get really busy over the holidays and may not be checking their physical mail or other communication streams as frequently as they usually do. However, most people continue to check their email regularly throughout the holiday season for business and personal reasons. It’s especially important during this time of year to make your emails interesting and engaging, in order to avoid leaving any potential sales on the table.

Create Festive Sales Pages

Updating your website sales pages to incorporate the spirit of the holiday is a great way to reduce bounce rates and keep people interested for longer. Customers like to see that websites aren’t remaining stagnant, as it gives them the feeling that the company they are buying from is progressing and growing as a whole.

Dress Up Your Blog with Holiday Cheer

When writing your blog topics, find ways to incorporate different holiday themes into your content. This will keep readers engaged and have them coming back for more. Make sure to do some SEO research beforehand, so that you can optimize any holiday- related keywords for best results.

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