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Features Vs. Benefits


When thinking about how to position your business to the world, there are two very important aspects to consider – features versus benefits. Simply put, features are the technical or literal aspects of your product or service, while benefits are the things a customer will gain from using your product or service. Of course, each has its own purpose to play, as well.

You wouldn’t buy a house without knowing how many rooms and bathrooms it had, its square footage, and the year it was built, right? And, you also wouldn’t likely buy a house unless you could see yourself being happy there, the house as an investment property, or otherwise a means to save money or keep a roof over your head. This example illustrates the importance of including both features and benefits as a part of your marketing strategy.

Features might get someone to show up on your website or call in on your business line, but it’s the benefits that are going to close the deal. Oftentimes, this simple aspect is overlooked, leaving potential customers at the door, so to speak.

You might only have a few moments to wow your prospective client with the aspects of your business that set you apart from the competition, so it’s important to make sure that the benefits of your business are front and center. This rule should apply to every aspect of your marketing strategy, from your website to your social media ads. Make sure you give your audience an immediate reason to stick around.

Wording and marketing can be tricky. There’s a reason so many people do this for a living. Griffin Web Design would love to help you hammer out the details of your business’ features and benefits to make sure that you’re advertising your business in the best way possible. Whether you’re looking for custom web design, copywriting, blogging, or wrap-around marketing services, we’re here to help!