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Custom vs. Template Website – we’ll help you choose!


Are you thinking of creating a new website, or refreshing your current site? Are you trying to decide between a custom web design and a template website?

Griffin Web Design & Marketing can help you choose the best option for your needs.

Your website may be the first impression your business makes online. And, a website only has seconds to grab a visitor’s attention, so the design, look, and feel has to capture their attention and keep it.

It can be tough to choose which type of website is best for your business. We offer both custom web designs and template websites, so let’s dig into the differences!

Consider your ideal wish list for your website:
• What are your goals?
• What budget are you working with?
• Who is your ideal audience?
• Will you need e-commerce or any other type of special functionality with your website?

Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through this process and help you focus on what you’ll need when you give us a call or email us.

Benefits of a custom design:
• A custom look and feel that’s all your own, unique and original.
• Options for custom animation.
• Your business will stand out, with a beautiful special design.
• Unlimited design revisions during the mockup phase (from us only, this isn’t common in our industry!)
• Easy to add elements unique to your industry.
• Easy to add custom features and calls to action.
• You can add a content management systems, such as WordPress.
• Easy to add to it and scale up in future.

Cons of a custom design:
• Generally takes a bit longer than a template design.
• Higher cost.

Benefits of a template:
• More economical for a smaller budget.
• Generally quicker than a custom design.
• It can be customized with colors, images, and your content.
• You can add a content management system, such as WordPress.

Cons of a template:
• No design input.
• It is not unique, and we may reuse the template design for other clients, so your website may look like many others on the web.
• No customization of design elements.
• It can be difficult and costly to add custom features.
• It can be more difficult (read: costly) to add on or scale up in future.

Our design team at Griffin Web Design & Marketing does a fabulous job either way and makes each website beautiful and unique — whether creating a custom design or a design using a template.

When you work with Griffin Web Design & Marketing, we’ll walk you through every step of the way. We’ll meet or have a conversation to learn more about your project, and then provide a quote taking into account your preferences and budget. Call or email us today to get started on a new website, or freshen up your existing one. We look forward to hearing from you!