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Resource Library

WEBMAIL VIDEO TUTORIAL - A quick way to view incoming email when you're traveling is to use the free webmail that comes free with our website hosting. Just be sure not to store emails in webmail, as the server space will fill up. Here is a Webmail Video Tutorial to help you get started.

EMAIL CLIENT SETUP - We have created setup instructions for the most popular email clients. To view instructions for the program you need to configure click on the corresponding link below.

Setting Up Your Email In Microsoft Outlook 2003
Setting Up Your Email In Microsoft Outlook 2007
Setting Up Your Email In Microsoft Outlook 2010
Setting Up Your Email In Microsoft Outlook 2013
Setting Up Your Email In Mozilla Thunderbird
Importing Your Email into Gmail


Setting Up Your Email on Your iPhone
Setting Up Email on Your Android Device

GRIFFIN WEB DESIGN CMS VIDEO TUTORIALS - If your website includes a Griffin Web Design Content Management System (2015 and later), we have a full playlist of video tutorials ready to help you.

SNIPPETMASTER CMS VIDEO TUTORIALS - If your site has a SnippetMaster brand (prior to 2015) Content Management System (CMS) installed, you may find these tutorials helpful. Below are some of the most common questions we get. Just click on the question to get the full answer and/or to watch the video tutorial.

All of these how to guides include a video tutorial that will show you step by step exactly what you need to do.

PICASA PHOTO GALLERY SETUP VIDEO TUTORIALS - Picasa is a free software program by Google that allows people to easliy create online photo galleries and organize them into different albums. By adding special code to a web page, you can display all your public photo albums directly on your web page and keep them updated very easily yourself. If you signed up to have this feature on your website, you may find this Picasa Photo Gallery Setup Video Tutorial helpful.