Don't worry if you don't know much about web design; that's OUR job!

Custom Web Design Services

At Griffin Web Design, custom web design is what we do.

Sure, sure—we do development, hosting, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media management, too. But the core of our business is the website. When we started this company in the year 2000, web design was all we did. In the 17 years we’ve been in business, we have mastered many techniques that truly set our designs apart from others.

Have you ever noticed how so many websites look alike? A lot of web design companies take a pre-existing design, make a few changes, and call it custom. But let’s be honest here… That may be customized, but it is not custom.

Don’t get us wrong; we understand the value of working off a template to keep design costs down. But sometimes you really want your business to shine. Sometimes you really want your business to stand apart from every other

So what sets us apart from the competition?

Let’s start with THE DESIGN.

At Griffin Web Design, we are SURE that you will LOVE the look of your site. How can we be so sure? It’s because we’ve been doing this long enough to understand the nuances of how to create just what you’re after.

We start with an in-depth interview, where we ask key questions so that we fully understand your goals, your demographics, the look and feel you’re after, and your budget. We give you the opportunity to tell us as many (or as few) details as you wish, such as color choices, preferred font choices, and/or model websites you love.

Once we understand what you’re after, one of our designers will create a mockup. Now, the mockup is just a picture of what we intend to build, so it’s not a fully functioning website yet, but it gives you a chance to preview the design. During the mockup phase, while it’s still just a graphic, it’s very easy for us to make changes to the layout, the style, the colors, the royalty-free stock images we’ve included, etc. So we ask for your honest feedback at that time.

Nine times out of ten, we get the design exactly right on the first try, possibly with just a few little tweaks here or there. But if you want something changed, it’s no problem! Just let us know what you’re thinking:

  • “Can you move that box more to the left?”
  • “Can you change the photo at the top?”
  • “Can you make the image bigger?”
  • “Can you make the color brighter?”

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! We’re not done until YOU say we’re done!

Okay, to be honest, if you change your mind about what you want, we may need to draw the line and start charging for our time at some point, but you get the idea. At Griffin Web Design, we’re very unusual in that we don’t limit the number of revisions you can have while we’re in the mockup phase. We even put this into writing in our Terms of Service. That means you are assured of getting the exact look you’re after.

While you’re thinking about design, feel free to check out our portfolio to see a few samples of work we’ve completed, and know that YOUR site may be similar to these or entirely unique. It’s all about representing your company with the image that YOU prefer.

Next, we should say a little bit about THE CODING.

Every website has special coding behind the scenes called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). That’s what makes the website display the way it does. The problem for the average consumer is that most people aren’t very familiar with HTML coding. They have no way of knowing if the web designer coding the site is top notch or just barely getting by.

Fortunately, there’s an organization called the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C is the international organization that sets the standards for website coding. One of the tools developed by the W3C is a free coding validation tool. This means that any person who’s interested can go to this online tool and paste in the URL of any website to instantly see if it contains coding errors. This is a great way to compare web design firms you may be considering!

We’re not implying that every quality website has 100% validated coding, but it’s a pretty good indicator of general quality for a basic website. Furthermore, when a website has poor coding, the chances increase for it to have problems displaying properly in multiple browser types. Some types of coding errors could even hurt a website’s performance in search engine results.

At Griffin Web Design, we use the W3C Validator Tool regularly. We check our coding to ensure we are complying with website standards and avoiding unnecessary errors.

Of course, we should touch on the TURNAROUND TIME.

Custom websites take a lot of work, and anytime you’re doing a lot of work, the timeline can get out of control pretty easily if you’re not careful.

Fortunately, we have learned from our 17 years in business, and we now understand how to expedite the process of creating a fabulous custom website without sacrificing quality.

We offer a $100 guarantee that we will provide the initial website mockup within ten business days. Additionally, once you have approved the design, we guarantee the entire website (for brochure style websites) will also be complete within ten business days or you get $100 off your web design fee. (The timeline for custom programmed sites will vary based on the work requested and the number of projects in queue.)

Did you catch that? In other words, our service is GUARANTEED FAST!

You can read more details on how we implement this guarantee by reading our Terms of Service, but be assured that we put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. We can be sure to achieve these quick turnarounds because of several techniques we have developed over the years:

  • We include the services of a web design project manager who tracks every step to ensure nothing is missed and the project remains on track.
  • We include the services of a professional writer who can compose the home page text for you to ensure your content development won’t bog down the project.
  • We include a Content Management System (CMS) on every website that we build and host so that you will be able to add or edit any content needed for the site regardless of whether or not you get delayed in supplying the content during the build phase.

As a result of these techniques, it is entirely possible that we could complete a full, custom web design in a matter of a few short weeks for brochure style/information based website (any website without custom programming or database integration).

Lastly, we should mention THE PRICE and HOW WE COMPARE to other web designers.

We have outstanding prices for the quality that we deliver.

Website design prices are all over the board. We’ve had customers tell us about some competitors charging two or three times what we charge. Of course, there are also companies who will offer dirt-cheap prices. Some of the companies may provide excellent quality; others, not so much.

It’s not our style to badmouth others, but just be aware that when it comes to web design, there are key indicators to a company’s quality that may be independent of price.

When judging the quality of a web design company, you may want to check out factors such as these:

  • Do you like the look of their website where they promote their web services?
  • Do you like the look of other websites they’ve created?
  • How is the W3C Validation on their website and the websites they’ve created for others?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What is their rating with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they send the work overseas?
  • Do they have their Terms of Service readily available, and if so, are those Terms of Service acceptable to you?
  • What are the online reviews for the company?
  • Can you reach a real person quickly?
  • Is the staff professional, personable, and knowledgeable?

When you’ve checked out all the factors that are important to you, we think you’ll agree:

Our quality is top notch!

Once you are sure that the web design firms you are considering are of the quality you desire, then you should research and compare the prices. That’s how you’ll know when a high price is actually a bargain or when a low price could actually be a nightmare.

But enough with the rhetoric—you want to know real prices we charge! Well, you’re in luck!

We publish all our prices online!

It’s true! We are so proud of the prices that we offer for the quality we deliver that we have a full web page all about our website design rates.

Did we leave anything out?

If you have any questions or comments about our custom website design services, or if you are ready to get started, just give us a call: 1-877-WEB-0050