Don't worry if you don't know much about web design; that's OUR job!

Make a Payment


For the fees related to setting up a new website, our Terms of Services specify that we require half up front and half within five business days of completion. Once we have received the remaining balance on your setup fee, we will move your website from the staging server, and your site will go live. We will also register the site with search engines at that time.

We have several payment options available:

  • AUTO DRAFT (Preferred) – Our preferred payment option is to draft any bank account, similar to a debit card. All we need is for you to fax in the debit authorization form to pay with this method.
  • CREDIT CARD / PAYPAL – Another method is to pay via PayPal. This will allow you to use any credit card. To pay any amount via PayPal right now, simply click on the "Make a Payment" button to the right and specify the amount you'd like to pay.
  • MAILED CHECK – Mailing a check is the slowest option, of course, but it is still perfectly acceptable. Please make checks out to Griffin Web Design, P.O. Box 18641, Asheville, NC 28814.


Ongoing services such as Griffin Web Design hosting and/or maintenance plans* are due monthly. Just as with our setup fees, we have several payment methods available for monthly services.

  • AUTO DRAFT (Preferred) – If you choose the auto draft option, your hosting fee will be drafted from your account on the fifth of each calendar month (or the next business day if it falls on a weekend or holiday). To start this payment method, simply fax in the debit authorization form.
  • CREDIT CARD / PAYPAL – If PayPal is your preferred payment method, simply click on the button(s) to the right to set up a regular subscription payment for your $20 hosting fees or $35 for your advanced database hosting fees and/or $40 maintenance fees. (Contact us if your service is a different amount.) The first payment will occur right away, and the future payments will be paid automatically the same day of subsequent months.
  • INVOICING – Although it is the slowest option, we don't mind mailing invoices to you each month. You are welcome to prepay for more than a month if desired, but that is not required.